Swiss Focus

In 2017, Visions du Réel in Nyon, Switzerland hosted a Focus on South African documentary production and thus, in keeping with this spirit of cultural dialogue, Encounters in partnership with Swiss Films, will host a showcase of contemporary Swiss documentaries at the Festival this year. Two Swiss filmmakers, Heidi Specogna and Laurence Bonvin, will showcase their work and participate in the Encounters Industry programme.

CT: Labia Tue 6 June 6.30pm + Q&A

JHB: Bioscope Thu 8 June 8.30pm + Q&A

After Vegas

Dir: Laurence Bonvin & Stéphane Degoutin
2012 USA 21min

Beneath Vegas’ neon and excess is a dilapidated underbelly inhabited by a cast of transitory characters, themselves in varying degrees of dilapidation. Derelict landscapes, abandoned developments, and temporary homes ultimately paint a portrait of the uncertainty of the times we live in.

Sounds of Blikkiesdorp

Dir Laurence Bonvin
2014 SA 25min

Blikkiesdorp is the tincantown of Delft, composed of row upon row of corrugated iron shacks. Slow tracking shots across the symmetrical blocks reveal their starkness, but also the resourcefulness and adaptability of humans and metal alike.

Before the Flight
Avant l’envol

Dir: Laurence Bonvin
2016 Côte d’lvoire 20min

This is an architectural tour of remarkable and significant modernist and government buildings of the 60s, 70s and 80s in Abidjan, capital of Ivory Coast. They are gradually revealed as are the people who frequent them, their informal appropriation often in stark contrast to the formidable structures.