The Cinema du Reel Grand Prix 2017

When Colonel Honorine Munyole, head of the DRC Protection of Women and Children Unit, is transferred to Kisangani, the women of Bukavu are distraught, claiming they will be without protection. Once installed in Kisangani, she loses little time in confronting numerous ills – child abusers, working with the rape survivors of the 15 year old Six Day War whose invisible scars are challenged by others who have suffered more visible mutilation, and rescuing kids accused of witchcraft and abused by a prophetess. Initially her appeal for the community’s help falls on deaf ears, but this well-made and very moving film ends on a high note. Reminiscent of Ayisi & Longinotto’s Sisters In Law which featured inspiring African women determined to make a difference.

Hamadi attends courtesy of IFAS

Cape Town
Sat 3, 4pm
Thu 8, 8.45pm + Q&A
Dieudo Hamadi
France / DRC
72 minutes