CT: Labia Sat 3, 6.30pm + Q&A

JHB: Bioscope Sun 11, 10am

African Film School

Dir: Roger Horn
2017 SA 5min
World Premiere

Super 8mm home movies of wildlife from 1960s South Africa and Rhodesia are juxtaposed with the audio from a 2007 wildlife film-training programme. Often humorous it reflects on the nature of capturing images in Southern Africa.

Father’s House

Dir: Mia Cilliers & Roxanne Dalton
2016 SA 6min

Clifford Brandon lives in a cave. Guided by God he has painstakingly transformed it into an intricately decorated, multi-roomed home. A gently poetic meditation on the meaning of “home” and what it is that binds us to it.


Dir: Joyce Nkgapele
2016 SA 12min

Mamajara Malope moved to Jozi in 1978, lives alone in a small shack with no communication with, or financial support from her two children. It’s a heartbreaking indictment of poverty among one of Africa’s richest nations.

Promised Land Fallacy

Dir: Kyla Philander
2016 SA 27min
World Premiere

This is the Trans Collective’s story. Any other narrative pertaining to decolonisation in the diaspora excluding the voice of the poor black trans queer bodies is a lie. Let us speak the truth.

Say It With Flowers

Dir: Aryan Kaganof
2017 SA 25min

A self-described “abuse” of the home movies of Charles Weich, music writer for Die Burger for 30 years under the United Party and the Nats, Say It With Flowers presents a troubling, ghostly document of the melodrama and ritual of colonial-apartheid whiteness in Cape Town.