CT: Labia Thu 8, 6.30pm + Q&A

JHB: Bioscope Sun 11, 11.45am

Don’t Hide The Madness

Dir: Kimberly Rai
2017 SA 24min
World Premiere

Don’t Hide The Madness chronicles the experiences of a young woman who is searching for a way to show her parents how it feels to have bipolar disorder. As she explores the creative landscape with the encouragement of her girlfriend, she moves through various metaphors in an attempt to express her condition.


Dir: Simon Gush
2017 SA 15min

In 1998, South Africa invaded Lesotho in order to prop up a discredited government. At the time, the South African government spoke about the intervention but it seems that the real motivation for the invasion was the continued flow of water from the Lesotho Highlands to the Vaal dam.


or it takes a child to raise the village

Dir: Teboho Edkins
2017 SA/Lesotho 30min
World Premiere

This film follows a young man as he travels through Lesotho showing his film in remote villages and schools. Through his film and personal narration, Sheriff talks to his audiences about gender identity and the frustration of being born the ‘wrong’ sex. His spectators react with surprise and curiosity, but also offer remarkable warmth, love and acceptance that ultimately encourage him to make his choice.

S’lungile: We will be fine

Dir: S’phiwo Mazibuku
2016 SA 11min

S’lungile could herd cattle before she could read or write. Her natural affinity with animals inspires her desire to ultimately become a game ranger. Despite her humble beginnings, S’lungile, with the help of an incredibly proud father, takes the first steps to making her dream a reality.