The Encounters Documentary Festival, in partnership with Al Jazeera, will be hosting the 6th Pitching Forum this year, which will take place in Cape Town on Sunday, 11th June from 9:30 – 13:00. See details on our Industry Events page.

Twelve projects, selected from all across Africa, will be pitched to Al Jazeera commissioning editor Farid Barsoum. Barsoum has been the Executive Producer and Commissioning Editor at Al Jazeera for the past 7 years. Whilst he primarily focuses on “one-off” documentaries as well as Special Series and the popular Correspondent series, he will be representing all Al Jazeera strands at the event.

The following filmmakers will be pitching either via Skype or in person:

  1. Chike Ibekwe (Nigeria) – “Life in the IDP

    The Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps in north of Nigeria have become some sort of last hope to the many victims of the Boko haram insurgents who had their houses and property destroyed.

  2. Mia Cilliers and Jackie Ruth Murray (South Africa) – “The Beach Boys

    Underneath the forlorn concrete flyover of Cape Town’s Nelson Mandela Boulevard live a group of Tanzanian stowaways known as the “beach boys”.

  3. Lydia Matata (Kenya) – “Better Sundays

    Better Sundays is set in a small religious community in Kasese, Uganda. The film focuses on the attempts by Robert Bwambale, the Director of the Kasese Humanist School, and a group of teachers to transform the beliefs of children and adults through secular teachings.

  4. Bryan Little and Filipa Domingues (South Africa) – “RIEL

    In tiny little towns and villages across the arid South Western Africa, places that for most would be ‘the middle of nowhere’ exist a culture that runs as deep as the beginning of man. There is a small but deeply poignant revival happening in the hearts of the historically voiceless people here.

  5. Tapiwa Chipfupa (Zimbabwe) – “Children of the Soil

    Zimbabwe once considered the breadbasket of Africa, is teetering on the brink of collapse. Thrust in this turmoil is its youth; at the cusp of their lives, they should have everything to look forward to and yet now their reality portrays a different story.

  6. Bill Afwani (Kenya) – “Terro-rism

    TERRO-RISM is a slang term used to explain the heinous act of young and old females forcefully being inherited over and over by other men at the basin of Lake Victoria in Luo Nyanza, Kenya.

  7. Sofia de Fay (Cape Town) – “Raw – My nakedness

    The captivating story of brilliant theater director Thando Doni working with ex-criminals in a creative collaboration to reintegrate them into Cape Town society after their release from prison.

  8. Kaizer Matsumunyane (Lesotho) – “Smiling Pirate

    Abduwal Abdukhad Muse was the first person to be charged in an American court with piracy in over 100 years.

  9. Yara Costa (Mozambique) – “Between God and I

    Between God and I gets into the mindsets of two young women to reveal what is behind the veil and between this new generation and their God. What motivates them to make these radical choices in a society where fundamentalism was rare up to recently and go against the idea of tolerance that they were raised upon, putting their friendship at stake?

  10. Kelly-Eve Koopman and Sarah Summers (South Africa) “Oom Piet

    In brewing land reclamation conflicts, !aru, a bushman from the Kalahari is forced to compromise his own indigenous lifestyle when he lobbies the South African government to restitute 6 hectares of veld to his community and ensure the survival of his culture.

  11. Pablo Pinedo Boveda (South Africa) – “Reclaiming the City

    Decades of Apartheid urban “development” have created physically segregated societies within city boundaries that still persist today. Together with several other activists and supported by a civil rights association, the main character Elisabeth Gqoboka (48) joins the struggle for affordable housing within the city centre.

  12. Ben Mahaka (Zimbabwe) – “I only Wear Levi’s

    A displaced community returns to claim their ancestral land in the middle of two live minefields because it’s the only place where they can make a living.

Please note that the pitching session will be open to the public and industry, filmmakers and observers are encouraged to attend. Refreshments to be served afterwards.

Sunday 11th June
9:30 – 13:00
Workshop 17, 17 Dock Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town